The Big Bang

Hap’s story started a long time ago, in the very galaxy that you’re sitting in.  It began the day Hap sneaked into Kevin’s imagination in 1993. Over the years, Hap repeatedly found his way into sketchbooks and short stories. He brought his friends from all over the universe with him. Kevin drew Hap’s adventures with his friends, but never really knew what to do with him. Then, at a convention fourteen years later (which incidentally is how old Hap is), Kevin met Julie. They talked briefly, Kevin sketched a dragon and an ogre for Julie and she signed a book for him. Kevin read Julie’s book and decided she might be the one who could tell Hap’s story. They met for lunch, discussed ideas, argued over who would pay for lunch, and a beautiful partnership was born, because only a fool would turn down the idea of a character named Hap Hazzard.