Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Magician's Last Words

We enjoyed a very busy end of school year season where we were able visit many schools and talk about all the potential in the universe (which is quite a lot). We learned how to create a good story, how to live up to our own potential, and just had a great time. We loved that we were kept so busy, and loved meeting all those awesome kids. The only bad part of being busy was that we weren't able to do a proper launch party for Hazzardous Universe: The Magician's Last Words.

Book Two is out, it's available, and it's perfect for summer reading! We hope you enjoy the new book, because we're working feverishly on Book Three. I can't begin to tell you how many shades of totally awesome the last book in the trilogy is going to be. It's so exciting! But I better get back to work and get some writing done!

In the mean time--enjoy some of the pictures from our school assemblies:

A couple of schools have websites where we got to pose for pictures with students who'd done some pretty spectacular things. Go visit  at:
And yes, I do wear almost the same thing to school visits because I like that shirt a lot, but be assured I wash it after every visit because I don't want to make the kids pass out when I stretch out to let them talk into the microphone. Passed out kids due to stinky authors at school assemblies is never a good thing :)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Creature Creation Contest Winner!

We know you're all anxious to hear who the winner is, and we're anxious to tell you. We've had a few glitches because of the overwhelming response which gives us great difficulty in choosing a winner and also because aliens are a mischievous bunch and sometimes play pranks on us. But the results are in!
The winner is . . .
More drumroll
The drummer thinks he has a solo and is going crazy . . .
The drummer passed out over his drums due to wearing a too-tight shirt that cut off his blood circulation.
Though there is no more drumroll, there is a drummer being rolled off the stage which is kind of like a drumroll . . .

1st place: Draculous created by Rylan Chamberlain
Runner up: Auksigot created by Clayton Goodsell
We had to choose a runner up because there were so many great entries. The runner up will get a cool prize that shows we think he's awesome for creating such a great creature! Trust us . . . it'll be awesome.
Thanks everyone for the entries and fun!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Book Two! and School Visits! and The Contest!

Hazzardous Universe Book two is finished! And yes, that is the working title ;). Actually I call it HU2. I am certain the publisher and their ultra cool ninja marketing department will come up with something better. The important thing is that it's written! I'm not sure what the release date will be, but likely next year sometime.

We're filling up our schedules with school visits and book signings so if you are interested in having Kevin or I or both of us come to your school, get booked now because space is filling up fast (could that then be described as the expanding universe? Since space is filling up . . . nevermind).

But get your seat belts on because HU2 is filled with rock concerts on a comet, and space zombies orbiting the junk-man planet! It's a ride you're going to love!

Also . . . Kevin and I are in the process of creature creation for book HU3 (that doesn't sound as cool as HU2, does it? I'll work on it). This is your chance to get your work in a book! Draw us a picture of an alien creature. It can be as wacky or cool as you'd like. Give us a paragraph of background description on what your creature eats, where it lives, and what its life is like. The contest will run from September 1st through February 14th of 2012. Why February 14th, you ask? Well, because it's Valentine's Day, and I LOVE aliens, of course!

The winner of the contest will get a totally out of this universe T-shirt featuring Hap Hazzard and his cohorts, free copies of HU1, HU2 and HU3 when they are released, and your creature featured in HU3.

If you are the winner, you will be giving us permission to utilize your work in HU3. We reserve the right to edit, or add modifications to your drawing so that it is stylistically similar to the drawings in the rest of the book. You will retain ownership of your work, but will also be allowing us to use your work in any marketing or display in regards to Hazzardous Universe. Please be aware that we'll be periodically posting the entries on this site so everyone can see how cool you all are, and that by entering your work, you are giving us permission to use your image and description on this site.

So let's recap the rules so everyone knows what is up:

Creature Creation Rules and Regulations
 Artwork must be the artist's own original creation. Copying someone else's work will not be tolerated.
 Art design may not contain any profanity or vulgarity.
 Art design will be judged on originality and creativity.
 A person may enter as many times as they would like.
 Winner will receive T-Shirt, 3 Books and publication in the third book in the Hazzardous Universe series. They will also be formally thanked in the acknowledgement's page.
 Entry format accepted: *Copy* of original artwork needs to be submitted by the traditionalists in a format no smaller than an 8x10. Digital art needs to be 300dpi in jpg format. Please do *not* send originals because we cannot guarantee we will be able to return it to you.
 Each entry must be labeled with contestant’s full name, age, phone number, e-mail, and school's name if the entrant is under the age of 18.
 Entry deadline is February 14, 2012.
 Winners will be announced by March 15, 2012.
 Winners may be required to provide proof of identification to claim their award.
 There will be three winners from three different categories Adult 18-218  (if you're older than that, email us and we'll see what we can do :) ), Young Adult: 13-17, and Childrens: 5-12
 All entries/submissions become the property of Hap Hazzard and his crazy friends. Again . . . PLEASE DO NOT SEND ORIGINALS.

Waiver/ Disclaimer
Any and all Entries in the Hazzardous Universe Creature Creation Contest (collectively the “Entries”)
shall be deemed, and shall remain, the property of Hap Hazzard and his crazy friends. Hap Hazzard and his crazy friends shall not be subject to any obligation(s) of confidentiality with respect to any Entries, nor is Hap Hazzard and his crazy friends liable for any use or disclosure of any Entries. Without limitations of the foregoing, the entrant hereby grants Hap Hazzard and his crazy friends a worldwide, perpetual, non-exclusive license of every kind and nature throughout the universe, and Hap Hazzard and his crazy friends shall be entitled to unrestricted use of the Entries for any purpose whatsoever, commercial or otherwise. The Entrant shall also have unrestricted use of his/her entry for any purpose whatsoever because Hap Hazzard and his crazy friends are just sharing like that.

Send entries to info (at) hazzardousuniverse.com OR mail them to PO Box 130 Oak City, Utah 84649

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hello July

Oh, look, July is almost here. In case you didn't know, Hazzardous Universe is available at Costco and Julie and I will be visiting, signing books, and telling confused customers where to find paper plates.

Friday, July 15th - 11-1pm - Orem Costco
Saturday, July 16th - 11-1pm - Lehi Costco
Friday, July 22 - 11-1pm - Orem Costco
Saturday, July 23 - 11-1pm - South Ogden Costco

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Upcoming Utah Appearances

Would you like to get a signed copy of Hazzardous Universe?  Julie and I have several signings and events planned in Northern Utah in June.   Here's our schedule for the first half of the month.  We will announce more events very soon.

Friday, June 3 - 11am -1pm, Book Signing at the Salt Lake City Costco
Saturday, June 4 - 10am-Noon, Book Signing at the South Ogden Costco
Thursday, June 9 - 11am -1pm, Book Signing at the Sandy Costco
Friday, June 10 - 11am -1pm, Book Signing at the South Ogden Costco
Saturday, June 11, Ogden Arts Festival
Friday, June 17, Write On Workshop, Westminster College, Salt Lake City
Saturday, June 18 - 11am -1pm, Book Signing at the Salt Lake City Costco

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Yesterday, while at CONduit XXI, I had the opportunity to participate in "Monster in an Hour."  This is one of my favorite events at the convention.  It works like this: several artists stand at easels in front of an audience, the audience makes suggestions for the monster, and then the artist creates the monster on the spot.  Today, the art will be auctioned off for charity. 

This year the audience came up with some interesting ideas, things like one eye, horns, and a purse.  Yes, a purse. I'm not sure where that idea came from, but we had to put it in the picture. I didn't get a chance to photograph my drawing, but I will say it was highly influenced by the luck dragon in Never Ending Story. 

Today I was thinking about my Monster drawing and decided to give it another shot.  So I doodled a new character, loosely based on the same ideas . . . except the purse. Logic tells me that monsters don't like purses.  Purses hold mobile phones, money, make-up . . . things monsters have no use for.  I mean, can you imagine Godzilla in lip stick?  Or Frankenstein using a mobile phone? Hmm, on second thought, that might be quite funny.  Anyway, I skipped the purse.

Now I could use some help, because this little monster needs a name.  Feel free to comment and leave a name suggestion.