Thursday, March 15, 2012

Creature Creation Contest Winner!

We know you're all anxious to hear who the winner is, and we're anxious to tell you. We've had a few glitches because of the overwhelming response which gives us great difficulty in choosing a winner and also because aliens are a mischievous bunch and sometimes play pranks on us. But the results are in!
The winner is . . .
More drumroll
The drummer thinks he has a solo and is going crazy . . .
The drummer passed out over his drums due to wearing a too-tight shirt that cut off his blood circulation.
Though there is no more drumroll, there is a drummer being rolled off the stage which is kind of like a drumroll . . .

1st place: Draculous created by Rylan Chamberlain
Runner up: Auksigot created by Clayton Goodsell
We had to choose a runner up because there were so many great entries. The runner up will get a cool prize that shows we think he's awesome for creating such a great creature! Trust us . . . it'll be awesome.
Thanks everyone for the entries and fun!

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